Lisa Johnson: 2011 NCHA Members Hall of Fame

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is the first person from North Carolina to be inducted into the NCHA Members Hall of Fame.

To many members from the Southeast, she represents the very best qualities of an NCHA member: generosity, kindness, fairness, patience, and perseverance.

She’s a good hand with horses; she broke Haidas Little Pep to ride back in the early 1980s. She supported the Augusta Futurity from its very beginning. And she served as an NCHA Director for many years.

But when people talk about her, they always point out that she would be the first one to arrive at a cutting, and the last one to go. She was one the last rider in the last set of the day could always count on to hold herd.

Lisa Johnson has dedicated her entire life to horses and the cutting horse industry.

Dudley and Carolyn Schilling from Florida say, “Lisa has always shown good sportsmanship, and fairness, and has done more to promote cutting horses in the Southeast than anyone we know. She lived and breathed cutting horses and her enthusiasm infected everyone involved”

Charles Crawley from Georgia says he has “always seen Lisa display fairness and good sportsmanship. She has always been a good example for other trainers to follow.”

Becky Elliott says that Lisa “always gave unselfishly to the sport she loves so much, not only as a director, but also as an encourager of beginning riders. She was always at the show to the bitter end helping those in the late classes of the day.”

Judy Boozer from South Carolina says, “All through Lisa’s life, she has exhibited all the qualities that we look for in a candidate for the Members Hall of Fame. She did all she could possibly do to promote cutting on the east coast and to represent North Carolina on the NCHA Board of Directors.

Lisa survived a tragic accident in January of 2008, and her strength on the long road to recovery has been a further inspiration to all of those she has helped along the way.