Executive Committee approves recommendations

The NCHA Executive Committee met August 15-16 in Fort Worth to consider recommendations from NCHA’s standing committees that came out of the 2011 Convention in Oklahoma City.

Approved recommendations include:

  • An increase of $500,000 in added money from the Texas Major Event Fund to $1.5 million added for the 2012 NCHA Futurity. The Open Semi-Finals will pay up to a maximum of $15,000.
  • An increase of $300,000 in added money for both the Super Stakes and the Summer Spectacular, beginning with the 2012 shows.
  • A World Finals Show for all classes except the Youth to be held in conjunction with the NCHA Futurity, beginning in 2012
  • Starting the Youth point year on June 1 and holding the Youth World Finals at the Summer Spectacular, beginning with the 2013 show.
  • Moving the Limited Non-Pro class at Triple Crown shows to Will Rogers Coliseum, to be run in conjunction with the Non-Pro class
  • Implementation of a Senior Limited Non-Pro Exception
  • An update to the Mandatory Payout Schedule at weekend shows

Following are items they approved for action. Note that some items were recommended by more than one committee.


Approved, that beginning with the 2012 Super Stakes, to move the Limited Non-Pro back to Will Rogers Coliseum and run the class with the Non-Pro as follows at major NCHA events, eligible Non-Pros/Limited Non-Pros will have 3 options as how they wish to enter:

A contestant may enter and show one time in both classes by paying two entry fees, one for the Non-Pro and one for the Limited Non-Pro, and one cattle charge. The score received will be their score for the Non-Pro and the Limited Non-Pro.

A contestant may enter and show two times by paying two entry fees, one for the Non-Pro and one for the Limited Non-Pro and two cattle charges, one for the Non-Pro and one for the Limited Non-Pro.

A contestant may enter the Limited Non-Pro only by paying one entry fee and one cattle charge.

There will be a notation on the draw sheet next to their name denoting if they are showing in the Non-Pro and Limited Non-Pro or just the Limited Non-Pro.

If a contestant is showing two times, once in the Non-Pro and once in the Limited Non-Pro they may show two different horses or the same horse.

Horse may be shown only once in a given division.

A Limited Non-Pro contestant will pay an advancement fee if they make the semi-finals of BOTH the Limited Non-Pro and the Non-Pro.

Approved the implementation of a Senior Limited Non-Pro Exception (Details); A member may apply for Senior Limited Non-Pro status if at the time of the application:

(A) the member has reached 60 years of age;

(B) has less than $400,000 in lifetime earnings; and

(C) meets all non-monetary requirements for Non-Pro status stated in NCHA rules. A person applying for Senior Limited Non-Pro classification under this exception shall obtain a Senior Limited Non-Pro Exception Application from the NCHA membership department, complete the application, have it notarized and signed by a director and return the application to the NCHA office for review by the Non-Pro Amateur Review Committee. If the member is granted Senior Limited Non-Pro Status, the Limited Non-Pro eligibility cap will be raised to $400,000. At the end of the point year in which the member reaches $400,000 in lifetime earnings, he/she will no longer be eligible for Limited Non-Pro status.

Under Examples of As a Non-Pro What Can I Do? (Page 129)

(f) board horses in your barn and provide cattle for training; however you may not work the boarder’s horse on cattle in any arena, pen, pasture or on a cutting device.

Open Show

The following Mandatory Weekend Show Payout was approved:

3 3 1
4-7 4-7 2
8-12 8-11 3
13-16 12-15 4
17-21 16-20 5
22-26 21-25 6
27-31 26-30 7
32-37 31-36 8
38-43 37-42 9
44-50 43-49 10
51 & over 50 & over 12

When three places are paid out, the following percentage payout was approved:

1st Place 47%
2nd Place 33%
3rd Place 20%

Beginning with the 2012 Futurity, a World Finals for all eight classes (exceptions would be the Open and Non-Pro – those will be conducted as they are now – and the Youth) will held for the Top 15 in each class (only invite the top 15, will not go below that ranking) in the Watt Arena. It would consist of two go-rounds and a non-working Finals and it is anticipated to complete all of the World Finals classes in a four day time period. Payouts would be to the top 60% with a maximum of eight. Funding from the Major Events Trust Fund of up to $150,000 will be utilized in the added money. Total added money for the World Finals would be $269,000. The World Finals Sub-Committee (Ernie Beutenmiller, Chris Dublin, Ben Emison, Dan Hansen, Chubby Turner, Bruce Richerson, Seth Kirchner) will submit final recommendations for review and approval by the Executive Committee at their November, 2011 meeting.

Beginning at the 2012 Eastern and Western Championships, the minimum number of finalists will be reduced from 20 to 15.

Weekend shows that allow pre-entries can institute a cattle charge on a scratched entry that occurs before a draw.

Standing Rule 6.k

The decision was made that due to this year’s unforeseen circumstances of both the EHV-1 outbreak and the severe drought conditions affecting most of our country that impacted the availability of cattle, to suspend Standing Rule 6.k immediately for the 2011 point year.


Beginning in 2012, the Amateur High Money Winner Senior will be recognized based on monies won with the winner to receive awards in addition to being recognized in Chatter (similar to Rookie of the Year).

“To use your cell phone move out of the flow of traffic” will be added to the loping pen etiquette guidelines.

For all three Triple Crown events, $50 of the 1st and/or only entry fee payment(s) by an Amateur will be allocated to purchase awards. This $50 will be taken from the jackpot portion and the prizes approved by the Amateur Committee.

Professional Trainers

The Watt Arena will be utilized as a practice pen when cattle are available.

For the Super Stakes and Summer Cutting Spectacular, 16 horse sets will be allowed in the first go-rounds

Limited Age Events

For LAE’s with less than $750 in added money that are held in conjunction with a weekend show, show management has the option to provide 2½ head of cattle instead of the current three head.

For the both the Cutting Horse Chatter and on the website, contact information (phone numbers and emails if available) will be available for all Standing Committee Chairmen and Vice Chairmen.

If the time does not conflict with scheduled Western Bloodstock horse sales, the Semi-Finals for the Open division will start at 10:00 a.m. instead of the current 8:00 a.m.

The following entry payment dates will change…

Futurity – Limited Non-Pro & Amateur payment date of September 1 would change to August 1; no change to the payment date of October 1.

Super Stakes – Limited Non-Pro & Amateur payment date of February 15 would change to January 15

Summer Spectacular – Limited Non-Pro & Amateur payment date of May 15 would change to April 15

The 2011 Open Futurity guaranteed first place payout will be $200,000 with the top load percentage increasing from 20% to 30%. (no effect on the Non-Pro payouts)

Beginning with the 2012 Futurity, for the Open there will be 12% of the horses entered in the first go-round to advance to the Semi-Finals (minimum of 50; maximum of 70 plus ties) and 4% of the horses entered in the first go-round will advance to the Finals (minimum of 20 and maximum of 25 plus ties). (no affect on the Non-Pro division)

For all NCHA produced LAE’s there will be a maximum of a two (2) set finals and a maximum of 19 in a single set finals.

All NCHA staff participating in the presentation of awards on the arena floor, will be required to be in western attire including a hat.

Regarding the allocation of funds from the Major Events Trust Funds, beginning in 2012, an additional $300,000 will be allocated to both the Super Stakes and the Summer Cutting Spectacular and an additional $500,000 to the World Championship Futurity.

Open Semi-Finals payouts for the Triple Crown events will change to the following:

  • 2012 Super Stakes: Open Semi-Finals to pay a minimum $5,000 and a maximum of $7,500;
  • 2012 Summer Spectacular Open Semi-Finals to pay a minimum $3,000 and a maximum of $5,000;
  • 2012 Futurity Open Semi-Finals to pay a minimum $10,000 and a maximum of $15,000.

The Semi-Finals money will be reduced accordingly from the maximum amount to be paid if extra horses advance to the Semi’s. The total amount paid out in Open Semi-finals will be based on the initial number of horses advancing without ties.

Example: Open Futurity Semi-Finals

65 horses receiving maximum $15,000= $975,000

65 horses plus 7 ties to advance= $13,541 per Semi- Finalist

All Open riders at the Super Stakes and Summer Spectacular who have a third horse will be required to submit rider changes/additions by 5:00 p.m. the day before the Open Division first go-round begins.


Beginning with the 2013 Summer Cutting Spectacular, there will be a separate Youth World Finals (with points being accumulated between June 1 – May 31 to count for their final point year standings) that will be held in conjunction with the Youth Scholarship Cutting and the NYCHA Convention.

The Youth World Finals entrants would be based on points accumulated from June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013. The youth age requirements would be extended by five months so that an individual that would have under the existing rules, “age out” of the junior or senior divisions on December 31, would continue with their classification until May 31 of the following year.

The Youth World Finals would consist of three go-rounds and a finals day of two sets (junior/senior) of 15 each the same day as the Youth Scholarship cutting finals. The qualifying for the Eastern and Western Championships would remain as it is currently; if a youth enters any other show, they qualify for their National Championships.

Long Range Planning

The following verbiage (in bold italic) was approved for the NCHA By-Laws in Article IV, Section Five:

Section Five. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, whether caused by death, resignation, disqualification, termination or any other cause, the President, after polling area directors and regional Executive Committee member, shall have the authority to appoint an individual who meets the qualifications set forth in Section Three (b) of this Article IV to fill the unexpired term of the vacating Director.

This will be presented to the Board of Directors and General Membership at the 2012 Convention for approval to begin in 2013.

Approved LAE Producers

The wording will change on Standing Rule 5, Rules Related to Approved Shows, to change the wording under 3.b (Use all applicable NCHA rules) to read:

Added money in limited age shows classes held in conjunction with a weekend show cannot exceed $9,999 total added money.

Affiliate Officers/Secretaries

Recommend that regarding Standing Rule 3, regarding the requirement of a copy of a horse’s registration papers showing current owner and/or a copy of the transfer report, must be submitted to the show secretary when entering NCHA approved shows. Show management may assess a maximum $25 fine per occurrence when a copy of registration papers is not submitted.

If class information is provided, all unapproved classes along with fees will be listed in the Chatter and in Coming Events.

Stallion Owners

For the Super Stakes Sire & Foal nomination program, the Yearling Nomination fee will be reduced to $1,250 (from $2,500) for the years of 2012, 2013 and 2014. The fee will be $2,500 beginning in 2015. The weanling nomination fee will remain at $200.

Promotion & Development

The Marketing Department will begin the steps to produce a literature piece aimed at the Grassroots effort. Suggestions from the affiliates will be gathered with ways to encourage growth at that level.

Judges Rules

Letters will be sent to the appropriate Show Producers or Secretaries whose listed videographers are not current NCHA members stating that the videographer must become a member by their next scheduled show. It will be noted that the membership may be paid by the videographer, Show Producer or the Affiliate Secretary.

A chart listing the number of Judges Protests and indicating the number of valid/invalid protests will be provided in the Directions newsletter quarterly as well provided to the Judges Rules Committee on a timely basis.

A quarterly “Judges Report” will be developed for publication in the Chatter on pertinent topics/rule explanations.

Judging Rule 15 will now read (new wording in bold italic):

If a horse clears the herd with one (1) or more cattle and fails to separate a single animal before quitting, a five (5) point penalty will be charged. There is no penalty if time expires.

The two notes that appear at the end of Judging Rule 9, also be added to Rule 6, Rule 13 and Rule 14 while remaining with Rule 9:

a. NOTE: During a monitored three (3) to five (5) judge event: If a major penalty has been called in error, thereby making clear and obvious one (1) point penalties not previously charged, then the adjusted score shall reflect the one point penalty. (This is at the judge’s discretion only).

The following addition will be made to Judging Rule 18:

Any rider who allows their horse to quit working, leaves the working area before their allotted time is up or refuses to work will be disqualified for that go-round with no score.

Advertising and Marketing Plan for 50th Futurity

An advertising and marketing campaign will be initiated for the upcoming NCHA Triple Crown events, with special emphasis on the 50th edition of the NCHA World Championship Futurity. A portion of the funds received through the State of Texas Major Events Trust Fund will be allocated to fund this campaign. The primary goal of this advertising and marketing campaign will be to increase attendance and spending by out-of-state visitors during the NCHA events held in Fort Worth. Spending by visitors from outside the state of Texas, all contestants and all vendors (from a prior three-year rolling average) is used to calculate the amount of rebate the NCHA Triple Crown is eligible for from the Major Events Trust Fund.

NCHA Directors will be receiving additional information in the coming months about plans to make the 50th NCHA Futurity the biggest and best ever. We’ll also be asking for your involvement to encourage members from your region to attend the Futurity, and enjoy the “ultimate equine vacation” with their cutting friends in Fort Worth!

Medication Guidelines

Dr. Jerry Black and Lindy Burch made a presentation of their committee’s proposed Medication Guidelines. These Guidelines will be reviewed and finalized and then made available to the directors and membership by no later than November 15. These Medication Guidelines would then go into effect at NCHA-produced events in 2012.

Additionally an Animal Care/Cattle Handling Code of Practice was reviewed and approved.