2012 VP candidate Bruce Richerson

Bruce RichersonAs a candidate for Vice President of the NCHA, I’d like to introduce myself and share some of my background.

I am 58 years old and along with my father own and operate a commercial cow/calf operation located in Central Louisiana that was started by my great grandfather in the late 1800’s. My wife Becky and I have four grown children and two grandchildren all but one of whom live on the family operation. In my line of business it is only natural that I have developed a love for the cutting horse and the role it plays daily in my life.

I became a member of the NCHA in 1979 and currently hold a lifetime membership. I have been an active competitor in the weekend arena since joining the NCHA having served in a leadership capacity in some of the Louisiana affiliates as well. My involvement in a leadership capacity includes:

  • Past President of Acadian Cutting Horse Assn – 2 years
  • Board Member of South La. Cutting Horse Assn – 2 years
  • President Bayou State Alliance – 2 years
  • Member of La. Board of Directors since 1990 – current
  • NCHA Judge’s Rules Committee – 8 years
  • NCHA Grievance Committee – 3 years
  • NCHA Non-Pro Committee – 3 years
  • NCHA Executive Committee – Currently “At-Large” Representative – 9 years (non-consecutive)

In addition, I have been an NCHA Judge since 1986, currently rated AAAA with over 500 credits having judged many NCHA weekend shows and all major events multiple times. I also hold an AQHA “Specialized” Judges card for cutting and have judged the AQHA World Show, Select World Show and Youth World as well.

I am a Non-Pro weekend cutter, having shown in some LAE’s in recent years which has allowed me to realize the importance of both weekend shows and LAE’s to the NCHA. In my capacity as a “cutter” and an NCHA Judge, I have met many interesting people, made lifelong friends and have developed an appreciation that you don’t have to be “born on a horse” to have fun cutting and to achieve success as a competitor. We all love cutting and whether trainer, owner, non-pro, amateur or youth, our common bond is the cutting horse and the thrill of the ride! As the late Zack Wood said “It’s all about the horse!”

I want to serve you as Vice President of the NCHA because of my love for cutting horses and my continued commitment to the leadership and processes of our Association. My goals are as follows:

To help lead the way to resolve the legal issues and concerns that we are currently faced with. I feel that these issues generate much negativity within our membership which in turn limits the growth of our Association.

To continue to support the programs that have a positive impact on the growth and success of NCHA. This would include continuing to work closely with the Texas legislature and City of Fort Worth to continue their support of the NCHA which has had a direct impact on the growth of purses of our Triple Crown events as well as our new World Finals program beginning in 2012.
To promote our youth and amateur programs as they are essential to the growth of our association.

My foremost desire is to continue to represent you by serving in this most important leadership capacity. I ask for your support as a candidate for Vice President of the NCHA. If elected I will continue to be open to your concerns and ideas and will personally be available to the NCHA membership.

Thanks for your consideration,

–Bruce Richerson