CowTrac unveils upgrades

Sidekick EliteCowTrac Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical cows announced today the introduction of the CowTrac SideKick Eliteflag system with record and play functionality. As with all of our systems the SideKick Elite went through rigorous testing in real world environments before releasing to the market.

Similar to the popular CowTrac Ultima with four memory locations, each able to hold up to 500 moves with complete control from the remote; record, play, pause and memory location selection, the Sidekick Elite will be a single memory version with the same 500-move capacity and complete control from the remote. The SideKick Elite system including universal mount, remote, flag, 200 ft. of super cord and two rechargeable batteries/charger for the remote is available now for $1,995

Cowtrac Systems also announced an enhanced 18-volt integrated battery option which improves use time from between charges to 5-6 hours from 2-3 hours. The enhanced battery function allows customers to use a standard Makita 18-volt LiIon battery (BL1815 or BL1830) if they want to have additional battery back up.

“As a non-pro cow horse and cutting competitor with limited access to cattle, I rely on my SideKick Elite for training myself and my horse” said Brad Zanin, CEO of Cow Horse Productions in Aspen, Colorado. “I have used CowTrac systems for the last four years and really love my Sidekick Elite.  The system is easy to haul and set up anywhere.  The battery seems to last forever and the memory system allows me to focus on my riding. The SideKick Elite is an essential element in my training program whether I am working alone or with my trainer” says Brad.

Launched in 2008, Cow Horse Productions is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditions and art-in-handling of the working ranch cowboy, both in and out of the arena. Our featured production, “The Ride” which airs Mondays on RFD TV, travels to some of the most famous ranch locations, arenas, and events throughout the country. Come ride along with us as we delve into the western way of life and the evolution of the equine performance disciplines. Visit our website at or call us at 970-274-4346.

CowTrac Systems has been providing leading-edge mechanical cow technology to cutting horse, cow horse, camp drafting, ranch versatility, team penning and ranch sorting trainers and non-pros since 2005. CowTrac Systems is committed to providing the most innovative, advanced and affordable mechanical cows in the market. All CowTrac and Sidekick systems come complete with enough super cord line for a 100 ft work area, flag, incredibly responsive digital remote control, universal mounting hardware and rechargeable batteries/charger for the remote. They all operate on 120/240VAC or 12VDC from a deep cycle battery. Sidekick systems have always been available with an 18 volt integrated battery option. CowTrac series systems feature a hard/medium/soft stop selection and can be used in round pens down-the-fence configurations. All systems are backed by our 2 year warranty. Visit our website at or call us at 831-224-4435.