SRO crowd applauds Mercuria NCHA World Finals

An enthusiastic crowd made it hard for riders to hear the buzzer as the Mercuria NCHA World Finals concluded last night in the Watt Arena. Dont Look Twice (pictured) was crowned World Champion, while A Little Bossy won the show championship.

A cliffhanger in the Non-Pro division saw Brandon Dufurrena edge out Kaitlyn Larsen for the Non-Pro World Championship.

  • Open World Finals: A Little Bossy, ridden by R.L. Chartier for Wrigley Ranches
  • Open World Champion: Dont Look Twice, ridden by Phil Rapp for Louis & Corliss Baldwin
  • Non-Pro World Finals: Dan Hansen riding Woody Be Lucky
  • Non-Pro World Champion: Brandon Dufurrena riding Nievas
  • $10,000 Novice World Finals: A Little Bossy, ridden by R.L. Chartier for Wrigley Ranches
  • $10,000 Novice World Champion: Fairlea Daro Lena, ridden by Gavin Jordan for Fairlea Ranch
  • $3,000 Novice World Finals and World Champion: Sway Cat, ridden by Gavin Jordan for Melissa Corcoran
  • $15,000 Novice Non-Pro World Finals and World Champion: Royals Magnificat, ridden by Aubrey Pigg
  • $5,000 Novice Non-Pro World Finals: Jaebars Angel, ridden by Kate Banuelos
  • $5,000 Novice Non-Pro World Champion: Scat Daddy, ridden by Clint Pace
  • $35,000 Non-Pro World Finals: Lane Wood riding Pepto Boom
  • $35,000 Non-Pro World Champion: Sheryl Courson riding Budhas Warrior
  • $50,000 Amateur World Finals and World Champion: Bridey Greeson riding A Copper Spoonful
  • $15,000 Amateur World Finals: Alexa Dahl riding Rita Wood
  • $15,000 Amateur World Champion: Chrissy Madgwick riding Spinnies Star O Lena
  • $2,000 Limited Rider World Finals and World Champion: Trent Smith riding Play Stocks