$35,000 Non-Pro Crowns Dual Champions

$35,000 Non-Pro Co-Champion Colt Moore


Colt Moore guided Highwood Dancer to a 216 to tie for the $35,000 Non-Pro Championship.

When Colt Moore, 14, walked to the herd on Monday, Feb. 16, during the $35,000 Non-Pro finals, he had an agenda and it was one that ran much deeper than the other 28 horses that competed in that class that day. He was competing just three weeks after his mother, Sheri Moore, passed away of a heart complication. He told his mom he would win Jackson, and he did.

Moore cut 10th in the second set aboard Highwood Dancer, a mare that his mom used to get ready at shows. Moore’s first cow helped him show off the mare’s dynamic moves, while the second helped steady the run. It was the third cow however that got a little testy and it was then that Moore said he felt like his mom was there helping him.

“That last cut I thought I was going to lose that cow and I didn’t,” he said. “It’s pretty cool. I promised her that I’d win it for her and I did it. I didn’t think I would. I was kind of cursed in this pen until last night.”

Moore expressed his gratitude not only to his helpers at the show, but also the industry as a whole that has stood behind their family during this difficult time.

“I want to thank my dad, Casey Moore, my grandfather, Gary Moore, Billy Kidd, Ted Sokol and my brother who loped my horse… and my mom, too.” he said.

Prior to the $35,000 finals, the Moore family was presented with a $5,000 check from the Southern Futurity.“It was pretty cool,” said Colt Moore. “It shows you how big the cutting horse family is.”

Moore also made the Junior Youth finals on another horse and his dad made the $15,000 Novice finals on Highwood Dancer last week in Jackson.

$35,000 Non-Pro Co-Champion Sandra Patton


Sandra Patton rode Magic Abbie to a 216 in the $35,000 Non-Pro for the co-Championship.

Sandra Patton made the haul to Jackson from Ohio for the Eastern Nationals and after claiming two titles, it’s been a trip well worth it. She rode her pretty dun mare, Magic Abbie, to a 216 in the $35,000 Non-Pro finals on Monday, March 16, to tie for the Championship title after cutting second to last in the first bunch. The day before, Patton and the horse tied for Reserve honors in the $2,000 Limited Rider finals as well.

This is the second year in a row that the Patton family has made the haul to Jackson for the event with her trainer Gabe Reynolds.

“I came last year and it was the biggest show I’d ever showed at,” she said. “We had a great time. It’s fabulous. They serve you lunch every day, everyone is so nice, and it has good money added. Everyone has just really enjoyed it.”

The $35,000 Non-Pro finals was the fourth trip to the herd in Jackson this week for the pair. As Patton explained, the run didn’t start off as anything spectacular, but she finished strong on her third cow with 27 seconds of solid working time.

Patton bought Magic Abbie from the NCHA Futurity Sale as a 6-year-old. The now 10-year-old mare was previously owned by Mark Stucks and trained by Carlos Banuelos. She has earned approximately $90,000 since her debut at the Futurity with Banuelos. Patton, who has two children, Tori, 3, and Ben, 2, eased up on her showing schedule when her kids were younger. She then connected with trainer Gabe Reynolds who got the mare legged up and back on the show scene.

“She knows her job, and she loves her job,” Patton said of the horse. “She’s made me a better rider because I do have to ride her a bit. She’s super quiet and calm. We laugh at the barn that she’s on the NASCAR circuit because she just likes to get moving. She has a big motor, and is just a good girl. She’s fun to be around.”

Patton will also show Magic Abbie in the $50,000 Amateur on Thurs, March 19.