A message from Chuck Smith

My objective as President and Interim Executive Director of the NCHA is to move this Association forward by meeting the needs of our membership.

Every member is important to us, from grassroots to triple crown, from amateur to professional.

As always, our challenge is to get as many people riding cutting horses as possible, and to provide a broad enough selection of classes and activities that we are able to offer an enjoyable, satisfying experience to all of our members.

Our greatest asset is the cutting horse itself. It’s an easy sell once a beginner has his or her first ride. Our goal should be to help them go forward from that initial experience. We are constantly searching for ways to make our sport more affordable so that we can welcome more cutters, and keep them engaged.

We need to adapt to ever-changing markets. We need to find ways to tailor the cutting experience to a wide variety of local conditions. We need to leverage new technology to help us move forward into the future.

No one in our association can achieve these things alone. But working together, we can make it happen.