Three to be inducted into NCHA Members Hall of Fame

NCHA LogoRobert Charles Brown of Tallulah, Louisiana; Jerry Durant of Weatherford, Texas; and Bob Mayfield of Wills Point, Texas, will be inducted into the NCHA Members Hall of Fame on Saturday, June 25 at the 2016 NCHA Convention.

All three inductees have been enthusiastic cutters and NCHA supporters for decades.

Brown has served as an affiliate officer and as an NCHA director for many years, and he has been involved with several of the sport’s biggest limited age events, including the Southern and Tunica Futurities, the Cotton Stakes and The Ike Derby & Classic.

Durant, a prominent auto dealer and civic leader in North Texas, has been a successful breeder, owner and rider of cutting horses. He has owned reserve champions in four of NCHA’s Triple Crown shows and he was won Non-Pro championships at Augusta, Gold Coast and the Brazos Bash. Durant has been a long-time supporter of NCHA events and programs, and is the title sponsor of the 2016 NCHA Futurity.

Mayfield, who served as NCHA President in 2007, was a long-time NCHA director who has been active in Area 24 for more than three decades. Always active in the community, he was named Wills Point Man of the Year. After serving as a fireman, he became probably the first NCHA President to have delivered a baby.

Riders, Non-Pros and horses will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame on June 25.

The Riders Hall of Fame will welcome Tarin Rice and Mike Wood.

Non-Pro Hall of Fame inductees will be Bill Cowan, Cody Hedlund, Nelson Knight, Ty Moore, Cade Shepard, and Kaitlyn Wimberly.

Going into the Horses Hall of Fame are Junie Wood and Special Nu Baby.

The Hall of Fame Banquet will be held during the NCHA Convention at the Hilton DFW Lakes, 1800 Hwy 26 East, Grapevine, Texas.

Members Hall of Fame Nominations

NCHA LogoThe recognition as a member of the Members Hall of Fame is the highest recognition the National Cutting Horse Association can bestow on an individual.

The eligibility requirements and nomination form will be available for members to submit nominations to the attention of the Executive Director in the NCHA office. The Executive Director will review the nomination packets to determine those individuals that have met eligibility criteria.  Names and nomination information are then forwarded to the selection committee who recommend the selections after careful examination of the packets. The Chairman of the Members Hall of Fame committee will present those selected members to the Executive Committee for final approval to the Members of Hall of Fame.

Nomination Criteria for entering into Members Hall of Fame:
The inductees will be selected based on the totality of their contributions to the National Cutting Horse Association. These will include, but will not be limited to, the consideration of the individual’s quality and years of service and/or contributions that resulted in significant improvement to the association, or caused significant growth and improvement, leading to the betterment of the Association.

The contributions to the Association should extend through, but will not be limited to, all levels in the NCHA: Affiliate, Area, Regional, and National. The committee will carefully consider the nominee’s character and integrity and the consistency with which these qualities are exhibited.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The contributions must have been influential to and supportive to the growth of the NCHA.
  2. The individual must have made both outstanding and significant contributions to the NCHA.
  3. The individual should display leadership qualities as exemplified by being an ambassador for the NCHA and the sport of cutting by participating and exhibiting leadership in civic, community, state, regional, and national public service or business related activities. Additionally, the individual should demonstrate a concern for the welfare of others, especially as related to NCHA activities that may directly or indirectly benefit the NCHA.
  4. Nominee may be either living or deceased.

    Non Eligibility exceptions:

  5. If, in the opinion of the Hall of Fame committee, an individual has been detrimental or harmful to the good character and welfare of the association, the nomination will not be considered. Additionally, if an individual is on probation or suspension list at the time of nomination and/or commits an infraction of the association, the nomination will not be considered.
  6. An individual cannot be inducted into the members Hall of Fame while currently serving on the Executive Committee.
  7. An individual cannot be inducted into the members Hall of Fame while currently employed by NCHA.

2010 NCHA Affiliate of the Year: 3.5 Amigos

Affiliate of the Year

Don Pooley accepts the Affiliate of the Year Award from Chris Benedict.

3.5 Amigos Cutting  Horse Association has been named NCHA Affiliate of the Year for 2010. Affiliate president Don Pooley accepted the award at the NCHA Convention in Oklahoma City on June 18.

Secretary Marcy Blanchard said they host four or five shows each year, with fresh cattle in every class. In addition to circuit awards at every show, they teamed up with Central Texas CHA, Bluebonnet CHA, Nueces Canyon CHA and Land of Leather Productions to award a truck to the person who earned the most points in 2010, with Mark Mills driving away in the prize. Money was riased through various silent and live auctions throughout the year.

“A person had to be a member of each association for their points to count,” Blanchard explained. “I think this helped all affiliates last year with participation.

“As secretary for 3.5 Amigos and Central Texas CHA, I chose to do something different this year. For 2011, a saddle will be awarded to the Open, Non-Pro and Amateur rider having the most points at the end of the year. Being a member of both affiliates is necessary in order for your points to count. This will allow all riders a chance to win a saddle, and should increase participation.”

3.5 Amigos plans to host a limited age event with a few weekend classes for their Labor Day show. Activities will include a cutters’ team roping, a bridleless/saddleless cutting, and a small bullriding.

“These extra activities should get the cutters to have fun by participating in and watching some extra events that we do not offer at regular shows,” Blanchard said. “Hopefully, the cutters will relax, mingle, and enjoy the company of each other!”

Reserve Affiliate of the Year

J.B. McLamb accepts the Reserve Affiliate of the Year award on behalf of West Central Texas CHA.

The West Central Texas Cutting Horse Association was named Reserve Affiliate of the Year. They have been an NCHA affiliate since 1961 and entries and memberships have doubled since president Kevin Parker and secretary Dana Parker began leading the organization a few years ago.

Like 3.5 Amigos, WCTCHA furnishes all of the year-end awards.

WCTCHA gives awards to three places in each class, including the limited age events, along with helper awards and sponsor gifts.

Lisa Johnson: 2011 NCHA Members Hall of Fame

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is the first person from North Carolina to be inducted into the NCHA Members Hall of Fame.

To many members from the Southeast, she represents the very best qualities of an NCHA member: generosity, kindness, fairness, patience, and perseverance.

She’s a good hand with horses; she broke Haidas Little Pep to ride back in the early 1980s. She supported the Augusta Futurity from its very beginning. And she served as an NCHA Director for many years.

But when people talk about her, they always point out that she would be the first one to arrive at a cutting, and the last one to go. She was one the last rider in the last set of the day could always count on to hold herd.

Lisa Johnson has dedicated her entire life to horses and the cutting horse industry.

Dudley and Carolyn Schilling from Florida say, “Lisa has always shown good sportsmanship, and fairness, and has done more to promote cutting horses in the Southeast than anyone we know. She lived and breathed cutting horses and her enthusiasm infected everyone involved”

Charles Crawley from Georgia says he has “always seen Lisa display fairness and good sportsmanship. She has always been a good example for other trainers to follow.”

Becky Elliott says that Lisa “always gave unselfishly to the sport she loves so much, not only as a director, but also as an encourager of beginning riders. She was always at the show to the bitter end helping those in the late classes of the day.”

Judy Boozer from South Carolina says, “All through Lisa’s life, she has exhibited all the qualities that we look for in a candidate for the Members Hall of Fame. She did all she could possibly do to promote cutting on the east coast and to represent North Carolina on the NCHA Board of Directors.

Lisa survived a tragic accident in January of 2008, and her strength on the long road to recovery has been a further inspiration to all of those she has helped along the way.

Pat Jacobs: 2011 NCHA Members Hall of Fame

Pat Jacobs

Pat Jacobs

Last year, Pat Jacobs received the Distinguished Service award from NCHA’s Judging Department. Tonight, after more than 50 years of service to the sport of cutting, as a pioneering competitor and judge, Pat is being inducted into the NCHA Members Hall of Fame.

Pat’s devotion to horses and cattle began as a youngster. As far back as he can remember, he knew he wanted to be a cowboy. As a teenager, he helped drive cattle to the rail yards and helped load them on stock cars. The cattle drives provided him with pocket money, but the real reason he did it was because his heroes were cowboys. So he listened and learned.

As a young man, Pat broke colts, did day work on nearby ranches, and practiced roping.

But when he saw Buster Welch ride Marion’s Girl at a county fair in Kansas, he took a new direction. Until that day, he said he thought cutting was for old men and guys who couldn’t rope. But after that show, he wanted to cut.

Pat trained his best roping horse to cut, and had a train wreck the first time he showed him. But he was determined to learn more.

Pat got a job with a trainer named Jack Ray, kept his eyes open and started to learn what it was all about.

In his early years, Pat spent more time showing than judging. He got a reputation for speaking his mind about ways to improve the sport.

After a show, Pat and the others would kick around ways they might make things better. More often than not, Pat would be elected spokesman for the group.

Most Monday mornings, Zack Wood would get a call in the NCHA office and listen to their consensus.

On the rare occasions when Zack’s phone didn’t ring, Zack would call Pat to find out about the weekend’s deliberations.

Pat Jacobs has made a lot of contributions to NCHA, but two that he can be proudest of are the five-judge system, and the judge’s rating system, which he began calling for as far back as the 1960s.

Pat is an author, and he has appeared on radio and television and taken part in charity events to help spread the word about cutting.

Today, NCHA is very happy that Pat Jacobs didn’t pursue a career as a roper half a century ago, and decided to concentrate on cutting instead.

Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second Chance Horses: The Pat Jacobs Story For anyone wanting to know what cutting looked like when it still had the hide on, when it was still an outdoor sport, before it was an “industry” and before its roots in the range livestock industry were obscured, reading Pat Jacobs’ book is obligatory.