5 Star Equine Joins NCHA Corporate Partnership Family

Quality Saddle Pads Featured in NCHA Prize Packages

For top cutting horses, the stress of a rider and saddle can be hard on the shoulders, withers and back, so a high-quality saddle pad is a must in the sport. Bringing that quality to the cutting horse world is 5 Star Equine Products and Supplies of Hatfield, Arkansas, the newest corporate partner for the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).

“NCHA continually works to introduce companies to the cutting horse audience who will provide superior products at the best price,” said NCHA Executive Director Jim Bret Campbell. “5 Star has repeatedly demonstrated its dedication to making the best saddle pad in the industry and one that will address the unique needs of the cutting horse.”

5 Star stands for excellence in quality, craftsmanship and materials. Maintaining excellence is a standard which is met by carefully selecting the finest pressed virgin wool felt, leather, mohair and hardware. Products produced always receive full consideration to conformation, movement, natural therapeutic comfort and application. 5 Star produces 100% wool felt pads, mohair cinchas and wool blankets specifically designed to fit what is right for horses.

“I’m a fan of cutting and this sport provides the perfect platform for the type of product we produce,” said 5 Star Equine Products and Supplies owner, Terry Moore. “We are looking forward to being a part of the NCHA corporate partnership team over the next three years and providing the cutting horse rider a product that will be truly beneficial.”

Through the relationship, 5 Star will provide custom embroidered saddle pads to the Top Five in the $50,000 Amateur and $15,000 Amateur at this year’s Mercuria World Finals, as well as custom pads to the winners of both the 2013 Eastern and Western National Championships to be held next year. Furthermore, NCHA’s young riders will see 5 Star pads in the prize package for the Top Ten in the 2014 NYCHA Scholarship Cutting.

The National Cutting Horse Association approves approximately 1,600 events each year with purses totally more than $35 million throughout the sport. Cutting events take place throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, South American and Europe and are supported by such companies as Mercuria Energy, Ram Truck, Great American Insurance Group, the American Quarter Horse Association, John Deere Tractors and XTO Energy among many others.


Coyote Rock Ranch to present NCHA World Finals Party

Coyote Rock RanchCoyote Rock Ranch, Terrebonne, Ore., has joined the National Cutting Horse Association in providing memorable moments for its members by becoming the presenting sponsor of the Mercuria NCHA World Finals Awards Party. The celebration will be held December 8 following the closing World Finals performances.

At the event, finalists will receive Gist trophy belt buckles, official NCHA trophies, and scores of other prizes in recognition of their accomplishments during the point year.  The Mercuria NCHA World Finals is held annually in conjunction with the NCHA World Championship Futurity.

The Top 15 money earners from each of NCHA’s 10 approved classes have been invited to participate in the World Finals competition sponsored by Mercuria Energy during the Futurity at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, Nov. 30 through Dec. 8.  At the end of the competition, new World Champions will be crowned and honored at the Coyote Rock Ranch NCHA World Finals Awards Party.  Finalists and their guests are invited to celebrate these accomplishments at 7:30 pm December 8 in the Round Up Inn located inside the Amon Carter Exhibit Building.

Coyote Rock Ranch is located in the beautiful high desert country of central Oregon, just outside the small community of Terrebonne. The ranch specializes in producing quality Quarter Horse performance prospects and will offer several yearlings during the Western Bloodstock Sales at the NCHA Futurity.

CowTrac unveils upgrades

Sidekick EliteCowTrac Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical cows announced today the introduction of the CowTrac SideKick Eliteflag system with record and play functionality. As with all of our systems the SideKick Elite went through rigorous testing in real world environments before releasing to the market.

Similar to the popular CowTrac Ultima with four memory locations, each able to hold up to 500 moves with complete control from the remote; record, play, pause and memory location selection, the Sidekick Elite will be a single memory version with the same 500-move capacity and complete control from the remote. The SideKick Elite system including universal mount, remote, flag, 200 ft. of super cord and two rechargeable batteries/charger for the remote is available now for $1,995

Cowtrac Systems also announced an enhanced 18-volt integrated battery option which improves use time from between charges to 5-6 hours from 2-3 hours. The enhanced battery function allows customers to use a standard Makita 18-volt LiIon battery (BL1815 or BL1830) if they want to have additional battery back up.

“As a non-pro cow horse and cutting competitor with limited access to cattle, I rely on my SideKick Elite for training myself and my horse” said Brad Zanin, CEO of Cow Horse Productions in Aspen, Colorado. “I have used CowTrac systems for the last four years and really love my Sidekick Elite.  The system is easy to haul and set up anywhere.  The battery seems to last forever and the memory system allows me to focus on my riding. The SideKick Elite is an essential element in my training program whether I am working alone or with my trainer” says Brad.

Launched in 2008, Cow Horse Productions is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditions and art-in-handling of the working ranch cowboy, both in and out of the arena. Our featured production, “The Ride” which airs Mondays on RFD TV, travels to some of the most famous ranch locations, arenas, and events throughout the country. Come ride along with us as we delve into the western way of life and the evolution of the equine performance disciplines. Visit our website at www.cowhorseproductions.com or call us at 970-274-4346.

CowTrac Systems has been providing leading-edge mechanical cow technology to cutting horse, cow horse, camp drafting, ranch versatility, team penning and ranch sorting trainers and non-pros since 2005. CowTrac Systems is committed to providing the most innovative, advanced and affordable mechanical cows in the market. All CowTrac and Sidekick systems come complete with enough super cord line for a 100 ft work area, flag, incredibly responsive digital remote control, universal mounting hardware and rechargeable batteries/charger for the remote. They all operate on 120/240VAC or 12VDC from a deep cycle battery. Sidekick systems have always been available with an 18 volt integrated battery option. CowTrac series systems feature a hard/medium/soft stop selection and can be used in round pens down-the-fence configurations. All systems are backed by our 2 year warranty. Visit our website at www.cowtrac.com or call us at 831-224-4435.

Pro-Active or Re-Active? You be the judge.

By Dr. Steven Allday, LubriSyn Founder

“If a horse has to limp in order for us to determine if that horse has a problem, then we haven’t progressed very far in advancing veterinary medicine.” Almost three decades ago Edwin A. Churchill VMD planted a seed in my mind in the form of that suggestion. I wonder if Dr. Churchill knew the chain of events he would set into motion with such a simple statement. After practicing for nearly 27 years now, those words still echo in my mind and they still ring true. My internship with him in 1984 was one of the most enlightening experiences of my senior year in veterinary school. I had come to trust, admire, idolize and truly respect his genius as a practitioner, surgeon, diagnostician and genuine horseman. The untold part of his suggestion was the seed of curiosity that he planted. From that day forward I found myself constantly wondering and asking the perpetually never ending question, WHY?

Today I look at horses every day. Some to diagnose and recommend treatments. Others to evaluate conformation, radiographs and physically examine to try and determine if a purchase should be made. I have established a tremendous reputation with many throughout the globe as being a “go to” veterinarian for the undetermined lameness or the last resort effort to fix one. Or even the man that can “pull a rabbit out of a hat” at the final hour. Some of this based on facts most based on fiction and innuendo at least from my perspective. The truth is that ever since the moment those words came from Edwin Churchill I have constantly desired and made it my own personal mission to discover what the problem could or will be before that horse limps, before that cannon bone breaks, before that Reiner hesitates before it stops, prior to the pleasure horse that wringing its tail, or before that jumper refuses to attempt that triple combination.

My course has been set to try and raise the bar to a height that hopefully allows us to be able to right the ship before the wrong course is taken or before the damage is done. The way that I approached Sports Medicine in the equine athlete has always been to BE PREVENTATIVE! I have found that this approach is more productive for the equine and yields much greater rewards and successes. Of course throughout an active career on race tracks across America I have had more than my share of patients that are injured but my ultimate goal is to constantly ask: What could I have done to prevent this from happening? My answer sometimes is: I’m not certain, but why did this happen and how will I try to circumvent this event in the future?

In conclusion I will allow you to make the ultimate decision. Is it better to have an accomplished athlete that reaches the goals and achievements you desire or should you just throw caution to the wind and see how the dice roll or where the cards fall.

You be the judge?

NCHA Sponsor eyeD’s “One-of-a-Kind Equine Contest” Winner Announced

NCHA Sponsor eyeD’s “One-of-a-Kind Equine Contest” Winner Announced

SUMMIT, NJ, March 26, 2012 – Global Animal Management announces Rebecca Powell of Wilmington, N.C., as the grand prize winner in the eyeD™ One-of-a-Kind Equine Contest. The online contest invited horse owners to submit a close-up picture of their horse along with a 600 character-or-less essay on how and why their horse is unique. After a week of voting, Powell was revealed as the grand prize winner. She will receive a digital camera.

“I’m honored, humbled and overwhelmed by the support of my family and friends who thought of Angel and voted her one-of-a-kind,” Powell said. “Angel’s just a down-home, old horse that won my heart over 27 years ago. This is the only prize she’s ever won in her life.”

More than 200 photos and essays were posted to the eyeD Facebook page for fans to view. Then, a panel of judges narrowed the entries down to eight finalists, whose stories and photos were featured on the Facebook page. Facebook users had the chance to log onto www.facebook.com/eyeDsolution and vote on the grand champion. All eight finalists received a customized horse halter.

“We were pleased with the submissions we received in the eyeD One-of-a-Kind Equine Contest and we look forward to continuing to share our unique story with equine fans everywhere,” said David Knupp, marketing manager, Global Animal Management.

eyeD is the first method of identifying horses that is non-invasive, providing no more undue stress. The technology is more accurate than tattoos or markings and more secure than paper documents. It is easy-to-use and offers an alternative to the complication and uncertainty of traditional identification methods. eyeD launched in November 2011 at the 57th Annual Convention of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

Currently, horse owners can sign up for eyeD online at www.eyeD.com. After completing online registration, horse owners can contact their veterinarian to have their horses’ eyes scanned. As part of a limited Futurity Club offer, owners can enroll their horse for $50 with significantly reduced annual renewal fees in subsequent years. Futurity Club members also will receive a dewormer coupon upon enrollment.

Global Animal Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck and Co., Inc. For more information on eyeD, please visit www.eyeD.com.

About Merck Animal Health

Today’s Merck is a global healthcare leader working to help the world be well. Merck Animal Health, known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada, is the global animal health business unit of Merck. Merck Animal Health offers veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and governments one of the widest ranges of animal health products and services. Merck Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals. It invests extensively in dynamic and comprehensive R&D resources and a modern, global supply chain. Merck Animal Health is present in more than 50 countries, while its products are available in some 150 markets. For more information, visit www.merck-animal-health.com.

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